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About Play Club

Newport Play Club – Children’s art work Play Clubs run during term times for children aged 5-12 years. The sessions run for a maximum of two hours and are spread across the city. Newport City Council operates its Play Club and Playscheme sites on an open access basis. Children may arrive and leave at any time during the published hours. In the interest of safety, parents/carers are asked to instruct their children not to leave without informing a playworker first. Parents/carers are also expected to complete a registration form before their child attends.

If your child has specific requirements that mean they will need additional support to access any of the above services, or if you would like further information in regard to Play Clubs, please contact the Play Development Team on 01633 656656 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All our Play Clubs encourage child led play, where the children are free to choose what activities they take part in. Activities can include things such sports, arts and crafts, den building, messy play and risky play.


All our provisions are child centred and so the children are the decision makers with regards to what activities they would like to do. Activities such as multisports, theme days, messy play, den building, arts and crafts and free play are just a few of the things children can take part in.

Open access

Newport City Council Play Clubs are open access, children may arrive and leave the Play Club at any time during the published hours although parents are asked to instruct their child not to leave the site without telling a playworker.

Newport City Council does not accept any responsibility for the care, control and supervision of children travelling to the Play Club or after they have left the site.

Should any child wish to leave Play Club during the day, they are required to sign in and out and ensure they notify a playworker of their departure.

Play Club times and locations

Play Clubs are currently under review.