Families First Play Development

Play Development is part of the 'confident and nurturing families' strand under Families First.

The aim is to support families through play, building resilience and positive relationships.

Play has positive benefits for children and adults improving their emotional, social and physical wellbeing.

The team works with families to achieve goals, set jointly and based on the needs identified by the family with support which may include:

  • Home visits and play based activities, planned with the family
  • Group activities and access to Play Club and Playschemes
  • Referral to additional supporting services provided by Families First or external agencies

The play development team will decide on the level, format and timescales of the support required working with the family

Play can help with:

  • Positive relationships - reinforcing positive responses to challenging behaviour, setting goals, positive praise and creating boundaries through play
  • Emotional and physical wellbeing - building relationships with siblings and parents, communication, engaging in play and undertaking daily activities, building confidence and resilience.
  • Social isolation - accessing daily services, interaction with peers outside the home, leaving the house regularly, using outdoor spaces
  • Community provision - exploring and engaging environments using play activities in their home, garden, local parks and provision.

How can we help

  • Support for parents to build positive relationships with their children through play
  • Support in improving access to basic services and community provision
  • Support for children to improve their emotional and physical wellbeing

Families First Play Referral

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